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We use music as a vehicle to help our students achieve personal and academic success. In addition to our talented team of accomplished music instructors and effective programs, we differentiate ourselves from other music schools by providing:
– No barriers to Music

We believe music is gift that shouldn’t be denied of anyone, regardless of background, race, age or religion. We offer music lessons for ALL AGES
– Quality

All students deserve to be taught by excellent tutors available. All concerts should be at the highest level of achievement they can possibly be. In all of our teaching and performing activities, Abba Music School seeks the highest level of excellence.
 – Accomplished Instructors

We know parents are concern about who their children spend time with that’s why our teachers are carefully selected not only on their ability to pass down their knowledge and remain a role model especially to the younger ones
– Artists

We help define and refine the individual talent of our students by providing a plethora of music programs offered by distinguished teachers. We pride ourselves on our student-centred environment. We strive to meet the needs of each individual student instead of forcing preconceived, rigid curriculum. We highly value teaching artists and are committed to support them and the great gifts they bring to our community in any way possible.
– Flexible Lesson Schedules

We know how busy children can be with school work and adults with businesses that’s why you get to choose your lesson days and time!Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend sessions is available!
– Great and Conducive Learning Environment

We know just how important the environment is to growth, at AMS we provide an enabling environment that foster growth with fully equipped studios that brings out the best of our students!
– Practice and Commitment

We believe daily practice is vital to learning a musical instrument. Learning music is a process that takes time and the more consistent the effort over time, the better the results will be.
 – Performance Opportunities

Engrained in Abba Music School is the requirement for students to engage music performances. Our Musical Recital, Summer Performance and Christmas Performance are avenues where students can showcase their talent and as well build their stage performance skill. Music is a performing art and we believe that students at all levels should be encouraged to play music for others.
– Graded Exams

Need to test your music knowledge? We do not only offer graded exams, we also provide you with indelible preparatory lessons that will help better your music knowledge and build you up for success in these exams.
  – Music Library

What’s more important in a school than its library with great music materials and resources that will nourish every student’s appetite for knowledge! Abba Music School provides our student with a plethora of music books, manuscripts and resources.
– Nourish growth

While the professed focus of a lesson is to develop musical proficiency, we believe personal values including confidence, self-esteem, discipline, cooperation, work habits, patience and sensitivity to nuances can be developed too while learning.

We truly care about music education!……

Music Education

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