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Musical Expressions is a group which, with time is expected to have a children’s orchestra and music theatre. As the name implies, this group of very special children from all walks of life will give insight to happenings around us in diverse musical expressions.

This choir was birthed by the need to create a space where talented children in voice could meet and express their creativity through their God given talent.  With the various issues in society where we have a high number of young children due to idleness and negative peer influence, drift to drug addition, stealing or other illegal activities.

The choir comprises children from ages 5 – 17. The choir is growing fast and currently is made up of 26 children. in light of the lowly circumstances a lot of talented children find themselves through no fault of theirs, this group creates an avenue for building new friendships, learning together, teambuilding and provide a platform for greater exposure. Although choir membership is free, each chorister must go through and pass an audition to join.

Our aim is to make these children an inspiration to their communities and through helping them also give other children in their societies, hope and encouragement. Our strategy is for each one given this choir opportunity, to be a beacon of hope  to others by using their experience and exposure to affect and influence other youth within their communities, Each one, reach one or two or ten!

The choir meets weekly on Saturdays to rehearse and refresh. Beside voice training and rehearsing new songs, sessions on behaviors, values and basic etiquette also hold to help these children learn societal values, be good citizens and worthy ambassadors.

Details of our various activities can be confirmed from the Administration office.


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In order to accomplish this feat, we need whatever possible support we can get, either financially, musically or materially. These would help us achieve our goal of reaching those talented children who otherwise would never dream of such an opportunity crossing their paths.  To ensure the choir’s continued existence and effective functioning, our requirements include:

  1. Transportation

Currently, the school provides a token to enable each of these children attend weekly rehearsals. e. g.  Will need 1 Coaster and 2 Hiace Buses to help us get the children to and from rehearsals and also get us to performance venues easily.

  1. Refreshment

For every rehearsal day, we provide refreshments afterwards. This is our way of appreciating the effort they all put in along with the dedication & commitment. We also provide food for the choristers whenever we go for performances.


3. Choir Apparel

Due to the diverse nature of the choir and considering the type of performances and places we go to, the choir needs to be properly attired. Various performances require attires that will correspond with the theme. Our attire includes choir robes and at least 4 other outfits each.

4. Other Items

We also need a number of items such as ear plugs, clothes mics, folders etc. and any professional assistance in voice and instrumentation. We are also open for performance opportunities that will help give the children greater exposure and build their confidence. We would appreciate sponsorship/support in any of these areas.

..Help us be the lamp that others need to light their paths! …

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