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Seeing a need for a professional music school in Abuja’s southern extension, Abba Music School was birthed in 2012. From small beginnings within a home, the school has expanded with one major location at Apo Legislators Quarters, Abuja. Run by musicians for prospective musicians, the school provides quality musical education at an affordable cost to everyone who wants to learn without regards to race, age, pace or preference. We teach various musical styles and follow a very detailed curriculum that will inspire every student on their music journey. So join us and experience our inspiring offerings for yourself!

Nana Gbolahan         

Director, Abba Music School


Who We Are

Abba Music School is a music body that specializes in music education, experiences and opportunities. Our mission is to provide the finest music instruction to people of all ages, skill levels and background. We are focused on revitalizing the culture of arts in Nigeria and believe in the power of music to transform and empower people to be effective in life and relevant in their community.

Our instructors are dedicated and accomplished musicians who serve as positive role –models for children. Unlike many other schools, we hire carefully selected, certified professionals based on their music education and knowledge, experience and ability to pass their knowledge to the AMS student.

A healthy environment nurtures creativity thus the focus on our school environment, positive peer relationship, and the ability of students to express themselves while learning to excel at their own pace. Our annual musical performances instill in students a sense of pride and accomplishment, while contributing to the betterment of our communities.


Our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each student. We believe in teaching students’ music, rather than teaching music to students. We let music enable the student by developing the student’s appreciation for musical artistry and conveying the skills with which to embrace it.

Guided by our mission to provide access to a quality music education to all who seek it, we offer compact services whereby all students’ needs are met without cause to look elsewhere. Besides individual instruction and group lessons, we also offer: Easter, Summer and Winter camp, Children’s Choir, After-school club and Performance training.

​Are you interested in violin, piano, guitar or saxophone lessons? Instruction for children or adults? Classical, rhythm ‘n’ blues, jazz, traditional instruments? A rigorous course of study or a more flexible approach? For all aspects one can think of, we have a place for you at our school.

We are committed to leading our students on a life-changing musical journey. Come learn music with us and experience life through Abba Music School.

Music Education

We Are Here For You

Summer Galore

During Summer, Abba Music School offers a five-week music program to students between ages 5 and 17. Here’s an exciting opportunity for children to explore creative arts and music in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

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Musical Expressions

This is a group which, with time is expected to have a children’s orchestra and music theatre. As the name implies, this group of very special children from all walks of life will give insight to happenings around us in diverse musical expressions.

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AMS Studio

AMS have a well- equipped and standard music studio with large variety of instruments where all music creations and productions are done. Without well-equipped studios, we wouldn’t have any of the high- quality music we have today.

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Our Lessons

The interaction between a single teacher and a single student is at the core of our philosophy of music education. Each student’s experience begins with speaking to a member of our skilled tutors to identify the needs of the student.

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